backYARD Surf Coaching is a center of specialised coaches able to help every surfer to improve their surfing by using our surf programs in the second world surf reserve – Ericeira.


The diversity and quality of the waves concentrated in such a small area turns Ericeira into a unique place in Europe and the World. The excellence conditions and the support of the local community allowed a creation of a culture and local industry related to surf that goes from surfshops, shapers, brands, surfrentals to surfschools. In Ericeira a surfer has everything he needs.


Our team have local surfers able to help you find what you need when in Ericeira, board specialists ready to show you the best boards and equipments, graduates with sport degrees helping to design the programs we have to offer and fully accredited coaches to ensure your surfing session has the best advice and training techniques.


Our formation and experience help us to build this surf programs that will help you to improve your surf and to take out the best from Ericeira, they are suitable for any surfer who will have his session planned according to his level and surfing experience. We believe that our team is well rounded and fully capable to give you a personality service with quality and safety as a standard. The sessions are schedule according to the surfers level and the forecast. Every session have a limit of 5 surfers.


It was by thinking about our clients and what type of partnership would benefit them that we created a network design to provide everything that a surfer needs to improve their performance and stay in Ericeira.

Service to Schools

We know that quality and safety are very important for your clients that’s why we have a team of certificated coaches committed to help and respect each client besides their backgrounds, personalities, cultures and preferences.


In this section we publish articles about Ericeira and surfing.


  backYARD Surf Coaching is a center of specialised coaches able to help every surfer to improve their surfing by using our surf… Read More


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