Our formation and experience helped us build these surf programs that will help you improve your surf and enjoy Ericeira, they are suitable for any surfer because the session is planned according to the level and surfing experience.

We believe that our team is well rounded and fully capable to give you a personalised service with quality and safety as a standard. The sessions are scheduled according to the surfer level and the forecast.


Learn How to Surf: for those who want to learn or experience surf for the first time – we can recommend you the best surf schools in Ericeira (more)

Surf Coaching: for those who want to improve their surf skills – we have the best coaches and techniques to help you (more)

Surf Guide: for those who want to know and take the best from Ericeira – we know Ericeira like no one, it’s a pleasure for us to show you the best of it. (more)


You can choose a program by clicking on the pictures bellow


Surf Coaching

Rather than spending thousands on new boards hoping they’ll make you surf better, consider whether a little coaching might be… Read More

Surf Guide

Ericeira is a amazing place with a lot to offer, if you want to surf and stay here why… Read More

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