Surf Guide

Ericeira is a amazing place with a lot to offer, if you want to surf and stay here why not take the max out of it? As locals surfers we know this town better than anyone, we can provide you the most useful information according to your surfing level to make your time worthwhile.

If you have some common doubts about surfing like where to find uncrowded spots, which are the preferable waves to surf depending on the tide conditions or your surfing level, we will for sure give you the best advices. In case you need to buy or rent a surfboard there are some recommendable surfshops and boardshops partner-shipped with us that can provide you the best quality boards, reasonable prices and some discounts. Apart from all the surfing tips our team can also provide information about accommodation, restaurants and main leisure attractions. 

Surf Guide is a service designed for surfers who want to surf by their own in the best spots and enjoy by taking advantage of the best Ericeira has to offer.

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WSR Tour

This program consists on a Guide Tour in the 2nd World Surf Reserve. Suitable for any person who wants to visit and know Ericeira and its waves.


  • Customised surf tour.


  • Visit and get to know the main surf spots and some other waves with less crowd.
  • Be introduced to some of our partners.
  • You will be able to deal with the main spots, learn how weather condition and tides change a spot, and know where to find spots less crowded and a lot more.


Price Upon Request


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